Kodungallur Bhagavati Temple

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Kurumba Bhagavati Temple (alternatively Kodungallur Bhagavati Temple) is a Hindu temple at Kodungallur, Thrissur district, Kerala state, India. The idol of the goddess Bhadrakali (popularly known as "Kodungallur Amma") in the temple is unique as it has eight hands with various attributes. One is holding the head of an Asura, another a sword, next an anklet, another a bell, and so on. Routine worship at the temple every day at 03:00AM and ends at 9:00 PM local time.

Kurumba Bhagavati Temple is perhaps a memorial built by a Chera king to Kannaki, heroine of Ilango Adigal's Tamil classic Silappathikaram. It is believed to be a former Budhhist shrine, later converted as a Hindu temple. During the reign of Later Cheras, Mahodayapuram (Kodungallur) was the capital of the state and one of the most important parts of the region.

The temple is situated in the middle of a plot of land about ten acres, surrounded by banyan and peepal trees. The srikovil is facing north. The western chamber of the inner temple is the seat of Sapthamatrukas who also face north. The idols of Ganapathi and Veerabhadra are found in the chamber, one facing east and the other facing west, respectively. The idol of bhagawati is about seven feet high and made of wood, carved from a jackfruit tree. The idol has eight arms that carry weapons and symbols.

To the left of the temple is the walled enclosure which has a peculiar ‘Samadhi of Vysoori', perhaps a medieval shrine deity for small pox, chicken pox, mumps and other contagious diseases. Devotees offer auspicious turmeric powder which gives credence to the influence of the Goddess and the legend. Its widespread fame is evident through its clean and well-kept sanctuaries. About fifty metres away to the left is a sacred pond (Pushkarini), where devotees bathe before entering the main shrine. It is believed that this pond was created by the goddess by striking the ground with her sword.

Bharani festival

Kodungallur Bharani festival in Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple

The Bharani festival at the Kodungallur Bhagawati temple is one of the grandest in Kerala. It is a month of festivities from the Bharani asterism in the month of Kumbham to 7 days after the Bharani asterism in the month of Meenam. It normally falls between the months of March and April. The festival usually starts with the ritual called 'Kozhikkallu moodal' which involves the sacrifice of cocks and shedding of their blood, which forms an important feature of this temple. The members of the Kodungallur Bhagavathy temple are allowed to participate in this ritual. It is to appease the goddess Kali and her demons who take delight in blood offerings.

'Kavu Theendal', another important event of the festival, overseen by the King of Kodungallur where Vellichapads (oracles) make a run around the temple waving their sabres in the air while the members of their retinue offer reverence over the inner quadrangle. They make cry of abuse at the goddess in bawdy language. Their abuse is said to be accepted by the goddess followed by the purification ceremony the next day. Chandanapottu Charthal is yet another festival of smearing the image with sandal paste.

Thalappoli festival

The Thalappoli festival is in the month of Makaram (January–February). The four day Thalappoli commences from the evening of Makara Sankranthi with religious rituals. Big procession headed by richly caparisoned elephants are taken out to the accompaniment of Pancha Vadyam, Paancari, Paandi, etc.It is the Main Celebration of KUDUMBI Community.

How to reach:

By Road: Kodungallur Bhagavathi Temple is 38 Km away from thrissur Town.
By Rail: Thrissur railwaay station is the nearest railway staion to the temple. 38 Km away.
By Air: Nedumbasseri Int'l airport is the nearest arirport to the temple, which is 31 KM away.


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